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Residential Shredding in St Louis, MO

The average household accumulates stacks of paperwork over the years that contain sensitive information. These files need to be carefully destroyed due to the nature of the information. It doesn’t matter if they are business documents from your work that you keep at home, or if they are personal documents (like old tax returns). Anything you wouldn’t want a stranger to have access to needs to be properly destroyed in order to ensure you, your family, and your business’ protection.

Residential shredding St. Louis, MO

If someone were to get a hold of even a small amount of your information, it could be devastating to your home. Identity theft is a huge invasion of privacy, and nobody deserves to go through the aftermath or cleanup process caused by fraudulent behavior. Let Document Shredding St Louis help you with your paper shredding here in St Louis.

Document Shredding St Louis will match you with a service provider who will drive right to your home so you don’t have to worry about taking your piles of paperwork to a separate location. Once our truck arrives, it will either collect your documents and take them to a facility off-site for you, or it can shred everything right in front of you so that you can personally watch the destruction process.

Either way, you are handed a certificate of destruction confirming the time and date of the shredding of your information. The industrial shredding truck can shred through paper clips and staples, meaning you don’t have to sort through anything. And to add icing to the cake, once the shredding process is done, all of the paper scraps are recycled and reused.

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Document shredding is an essential part of any secure business practice, but there is no need to pay to rent an industrial shredder and still have to do all the work yourself. At Document Shredding St Louis, we specialize in making your shredding process streamlined and cost-effective. With a wide range of convenient shredding services to choose from, we’re confident we can help you shred anything.

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